Color List and Genotypes

The following are to help you get better acquainted with colors and their genotypes. Remember that the dominate gene is what shows through and each gene has two pairs.  So “A_” just means that in order to be agouti they must carry on “A” but could be hiding a “at”(tan gene) or “a”(solid) in their genetic makeup.  So the “_” just indicates anything recessive to the shown letter could be there.


Chestnut: A_ B_ C_ D_ E_

Chocolate Agouti: A_ bb C_D_E_

Opal: A_ B_ C_ dd E_

Lynx: A_ bb C_ dd E_

Chinchilla: A_ B_ cch3_ D_ E_

Chocolate Chinchilla: A_ bb cch3_ D_ E_

Squirrel (blue chinchilla): A_ B_ cch3_ dd E_


Red: A_B_C_D_ee ww

Orange: A_ B_ C_ D_ ee + rufus modifires

Fawn: A_ B_ C_ D_ ee

Frosty: A_ B_ cch3_ D_ ee

Cream: A_ B_ C_ dd ee


Orange/Black Tri-Color: A_ B_ C_ D_eje Enen

Blue/Fawn Tri: A_B_C_dd eje Enen

Chocolate/Fawn Tri: A_ bb C_ D_ ej e Enen

Lilac/Fawn Tri: A_ bb C_ dd eje Enen


Black Gold Tipped Steel: A_B_C_D_Es_

Blue Gold Tipped Steel: A_B_C_dd Es_

Black Silver Tipped Steel: A_B_cch3_D_Es_

Blue Silver Tipped Steel: A_B_cch3_dd Es_

Chocolate Gold Tipped Steel: A_bb C_D_Es_

Lilac Gold Tipped Steel: A_bb C_dd Es_

Chocolate Silver Tipped Steel: A_bb cch3_D_ Es_

Lilac Silver Tipped Steel: A_bb cch3_dd Es_


Black Otter: at_ B_C_D_E_

Blue Otter: at_B_C_dd E_

Chocolate Otter: at_ bb C_D_E_

Lilac Otter: at_ bb C_ dd E_


Black: aa B_ C_ D_ E_

Blue: aa B_ C_ dd E_

Chocolate: aa bb C_ D_ E_

Lilac: aa bb C_ dd E_

Red Eyed White: __ __ cc __ __

Blue Eyed White: __ __ __ __ __ vv


Tort: aa B_ C_ D_ ee

Blue Tort: aa B_ C_ dd ee

Lilac Tort: aa bb C_ dd ee

Chocolate Tort: aa bb C_ D_ ee

Sable Point: aa B_ cch1_ D_ ee

Siamese Sable: aa B_ cch1 c D_ E_

Smoke Pearl: aa B_ cch1 c dd E_

Seal: aa B_ cch1cch1 D_ E_


Black Pointed White: aa B_ ch c D_ E_

Blue Pointed White: aa B_ ch c dd E_

Chocolate Pointed White: aa bb ch c D_ E_

Lilac Pointed White: aa bb ch c dd E_



Harlequins are “solid” versions of a tri (Tris are broken Harlequins)

Lilac/Fawn Harlequin: A_ bb C_ dd eje enen

Orange/Black Harlequin: A_ B_ C_ D_ eje enen

Chocolate/Fawn Harlequin: A_ bb C_ D_ eje enen

Blue Harlequin (Magpie): A_B_C_ dd eje enen


Iron Grey: aa B_ cch3_ D_ ee

Blue Point: aa B_ cch1_ dd ee

Chocolate Point: aa bb cch1_ D_ ee

Lilac Point: aa bb cch1_dd ee


Tort Otter: ataB_C_D_ee

Sable Martin: at_ B_ cch1_D_E_

Smoke Pearl Martin: at_ B_ cch1_ dd E_

Chocolate Sable Martin: at_ bb cch1_D_E_

Lilac Sable Martin: at_ bb cch1_ dd E_

Silver Martin: at_ B_ cch3_D_E_

Blue Silver Martin: at_ B_ cch3_ dd E_

Chocolate Silver Martin: at_ bb cch3_D_E_

Lilac Silver Martin: at_ bb cch3_ ddE_


Lilac Chinchilla: A_ bb cch3_ dd E_

Sable Chinchilla: A_ B_ cch1_ D_ E_

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