Show/Brood Quality


**We will be posting some more juniors in mid October or November.

From time to time I have show/brood quality available.  Please understand that I do not sell show/brood until they are a minimum of 16-20 weeks old or older.  There are many reasons for this, first and foremost being an honest seller.  I do not want to sell anyone something that is not up to ARBA standard for showing or breeding.  Because I sell BEW/Vienna in a lot of my stock there will be times I have Vienna Marked that may be show/brood quality but are NOT showable due to the VM.  Please be very specific in what you are looking for when you inquire about any show or brood rabbits I have posted so that there is no disappointment on the show table.

I will occasionally have offspring that does not carry Vienna as I breed torts and brokens on the side for show and to produce offspring to breed back into my Vienna lines.  I will notate on the rabbit if it is a carrier/potential carrier or not a carrier.  I also move along stock that no longer works for my program and will notate why it may or may not work for yours.  If from another breeder I will always provide the pedigree they came with.


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Roseline’s Aslan – $100 DOB 06/18/2016.  This tort VM buck has sired many babies here at our rabbitry.  I hate to see him go, but we are making room for all those babies that are now grown and will pass down the lines.  He has a nice solid head on him, good bone and topline.  He isn’t as wide as some of our other bucks, but he is a solid start to a Vienna program. His lines go back to Ormond/Odabashian/DTL on the sire side and mostly Roseline on the Dams.

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SOLD Rheaume’s Cinder – This girl is one big broody doe.  She has bone, mass and width. Where she is faulted is on length in body and ear.  She will make a great brood doe to pair to a small compact buck.  Black VM. $100

SOLD – Very typey doe. She would be great but should only be used in a Vienna program and is not showable due to the VM markings. $125


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SOLD – This is Rheaume’s Luke.  He is out of Rheaume’s Athena and Roseline’s Danny. Almost 8 months old. Both him and his brother are looking great, but we don’t have room for a lot of bucks. Smaller buck, but compact. No Vienna marks visible, but a possible carrier.  Haven’t gotten any Vienna from his mom but his dad tosses them.  $125