Show/Brood Quality

From time to time I have show/brood quality available.  Please understand that I do not sell show/brood until they are a minimum of 16-20 weeks old or older.  There are many reasons for this, first and foremost being an honest seller.  I do not want to sell anyone something that is not up to ARBA standard for showing or breeding.  Because I sell BEW/Vienna in a lot of my stock there will be times I have Vienna Marked that may be show/brood quality but are NOT showable due to the VM.  Please be very specific in what you are looking for when you inquire about any show or brood rabbits I have posted so that there is no disappointment on the show table.

I will occasionally have offspring that does not carry Vienna as I breed torts and brokens on the side for show and to produce offspring to breed back into my Vienna lines.  I will notate on the rabbit if it is a carrier/potential carrier or not a carrier.  I also move along stock that no longer works for my program and will notate why it may or may not work for yours.  If from another breeder I will always provide the pedigree they came with.


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SOLD – Roseline’s Aslan – $125 DOB 06/18/2016.  This tort VM buck has sired many babies here at our rabbitry.  I hate to see him go, but we are making room for all those babies that are now grown and will pass down the lines.  He has a nice solid head on him, good bone and topline.  He isn’t as wide as some of our other bucks, but he is a solid start to a Vienna program. His lines go back to Ormond/Odabashian/DTL on the sire side and mostly Roseline on the Dams.

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SOLD – $125 Rheaume’s Eileen Broken Blue Tort VC Brood Doe.  DOB 621//2019 out of Rheaume’s Eria and Floppy Trails George.  She has great bone and nice width.  She is compact.  Biggest faults for me are the slipped crown and the long narrow ears and she rounds off a little to quick on the backside. Breed with a nice buck that has a fantastic head and she should be a nice addition to a Vienna program.


SOLD – Very typey doe. She would be great but should only be used in a Vienna program and is not showable due to the VM markings. $125


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SOLD – This is Rheaume’s Luke.  He is out of Rheaume’s Athena and Roseline’s Danny. Almost 8 months old. Both him and his brother are looking great, but we don’t have room for a lot of bucks. Smaller buck, but compact. No Vienna marks visible, but a possible carrier.  Haven’t gotten any Vienna from his mom but his dad tosses them.  $125