Please read the sales and conditions page first.  By purchasing from our rabbitry you are agreeing to those conditions.

These listed below are for sale as pets only unless noted.  Occasionally I will list with pedigree on this page if they came to me with a pedigree.  They are beautiful, fun loving and looking for a good home.  If you are searching for show quality or brood quality please look at my Show/Brood Quality page.  They will come with transition feed, care sheet, and birth certificate. Older retired stock is occasionally available at a discounted price.

*Note: A rabbit is not reserved until a non-refundable deposit is received. You are welcome to wait until the weekend to pick out your bunny, but we will not hold a particular rabbit longer than a day without a deposit.  Please ask any questions you want, I will answer emails and FB messages in the order received, but unless you request a deposit to be placed on a particular bunny, there are no holds placed until you request it. You must request, provide email for the invoice and date you are looking to pick up.

Sold RR412 Tort VM Buck $100
Sold RR413 Black Buck $100
Sold RR414 Torted Harlequin Doe $100
Sold RR415 Black Doe $100
Sold RR416 Black Tort Doe $100
Sold RR417 Black Tort VM – $100 NOTE Gender appears to be male, but is questionable as the genitalia are still small. Anyone purchasing this bunny needs to be okay with a doe or buck.
Sold RR418 Tort Buck $100
Rheaume’s Cortez $100 – Broken Blue Tort 9 months old. He will come with pedigree and is a VC.
Front image of Cortez – see above
Rheaume’s Rhodes $100 – 8 months old torted tri possible VC. He will come with pedigree. Very curious and friendly.
Front image of Rhodes