ETA: Bunnies will be updated on December 26th at 7PM. We do have some adults available now, but the 8-10 week old’s will not be listed prior to that time. Please read the following for reservations at that time:

  1. They will be reserved in the order a request is received. We always recommend sending a first and second option at least if trying to reserve at the posting time. We order reservation requests in the order they are received via email and PM on Facebook. Personally I recommend PM on FB because it is instant and emails can take a minute or two to come through but we watch both the first half hour after posting. (Search Rheaume’s Rabbitry on FB)
  2. All bunnies must be picked up within 2 weeks at 1225 Courthouse Rd Stafford VA. (Sheriffs department and safe exchange spot).
  3. We are available most evenings after 4:30 during the week. We also have availability December 27th until 1:30PM and times next weekend except the afternoon of the 2nd. PLEASE contact me if you need to try to make other times/dates work and we will try to work with you.
  4. Deposits: Deposits are due if you are not picking up the next day. We require half down to hold a bunny and you have 24 hours after we send the paypal invoice to place the deposit. Please note this is non-refundable should you later decide you do not want a bunny. The remainder is due in cash at time of pickup.
  5. I realize that some may not like the posting/reserving at a time policy but we do not believe in auctions (I personally don’t think it should be a highest bidder when it comes to pets). And we found trying to reserve them on a list took to long for responses and back-outs. This was the easiest and fairest way possible we could come up with.

These listed below are for sale as pets only unless noted.  Occasionally I will list with pedigree on this page if they came to me with a pedigree.  They are beautiful, fun loving and looking for a good home.  If you are searching for show quality or brood quality please look at my Show/Brood Quality page.  They will come with transition feed, care sheet, and birth certificate. Older retired stock is occasionally available at a discounted price.

*Note: A rabbit is not reserved until a non-refundable deposit is received. You are welcome to wait until the weekend to pick out your bunny, but we will not hold a particular rabbit longer than a day without a deposit.  Please ask any questions you want, I will answer emails and FB messages in the order received, but unless you request a deposit to be placed on a particular bunny, there are no holds placed until you request it. You must request, provide email for the invoice and date you are looking to pick up.

See below

Pending RR454 Tort VM Buck $100 – DPB 10/22/2020
Pending RR455 Broken Tort Buck $100 DOB 10/22/2020
Sold RR457 Broken Blue Tort Doe $100 DOB 10/22/2020

These are the older, but still lovable adults we have for homes:

Rheaume’s Sunny – Orange VC $80 – Excellent brood doe and would be suitable as a pet. She is a little shy but doesn’t mind being held, petted and groomed. Very curious and was an excellent mom. DOB 4/4/2018. She will have a pedigree.

Deposit Reeived RR378 – Broken Torted Tri Buck $75 DOB 2/7/2020 – Friendly and inquisitive for a pet home.

Deposit Received RR380 Broken Blue Tort Buck DOB 2/7/2020 $75 – Friendly and would make a great pet bunny.