Please read the sales and conditions page first.  By purchasing from our rabbitry you are agreeing to those conditions.

These listed below are for sale as pets only unless noted.  Occasionally I will list with pedigree on this page if they came to me with a pedigree.  They are beautiful, fun loving and looking for a good home.  If you are searching for show quality or brood quality please look at my Show/Brood Quality page.  They will come with transition feed, care sheet, and birth certificate. Older retired stock is occasionally available at a discounted price.

*Note: A rabbit is not reserved until a non-refundable deposit is received. You are welcome to wait until the weekend to pick out your bunny, but we will not hold a particular rabbit longer than a day without a deposit.

** These are the current bunnies we have.  We will possibly have a few more, but they will be older juniors and some seniors. If you are looking for older seniors that need a good retirement home for a small fee, please send me a message and I can try to match you to an older bunny (2-5 years of age).  Bunnies can live 8-10 years or longer.

Black Tort VM Doe DOB 10/04/2019 – $75 

RR332 Tort Junior Buck DOB 10/20/2019 $75

Pending Pickup – RR334 Tri Doe DOB 10/22/2019 $75

Deposit Received – RR346 Tort Doe DOB 1/9/2020 $100

Deposit Received – RR316 Tort VM Doe DOB 10/4/2019 $40 – Beautiful doe, but shouldn’t be bred. She has a slight curvature to her.  Not sure if it is genetics or if she had an injury at birth but she is healthy and happy, just not structurally squared up.

Reserved – RR348 Tort Doe DOB 1/9/2020 $100

Sold – RR52 Tort Doe DOB 1/9/2020 $100


Pending Pickup – RR354 Tort Doe DOB 1/9/2020 $100


Sold RR347 Black Tort Buck – DOB 1/9/2020 $100

Sold RR355 Black Tort Buck DOB 1/9/2020 $100

SOLD – RR356 Black Tort Buck DOB 1/9/2020 $100

Sold – RR363 Orange Doe DOB 1/10/2020 $100

Deposit Received – RR361 Broken Blue Tort Buck $100

Sold – RR369 Blue Tort Buck DOB 1/13/2020 $100

Sold – RR371 Tort Buck DOB 1/13/2020 $100