What do Do When You Get Your Bunny Home!

I know everyone is excited!  It’s bunny day!  The kids want to hold him/her, the parents are hoping the rabbit is the right pet, and the bunny….the bunny is terrified!

What, terrified? Yes.  No matter how much my kids hold them, no matter how many places we let them run around and sniff, a rabbit is a prey animal. What that means is anything new, anything big, and anything noisy is a threat.  How would you like it if your first day home you were passed from giant to giant and poked and prodded?

What I’m trying to get at is that the first few days home for your little guy can be traumatizing. They lost their littermates and are in a completely new location. I always advise everyone to take those few days to sit back and watch your new family member.  Remind kids to be quiet and observe, offer treats and talk softly.  Lay down on the floor so you aren’t so big and calmly let her or him come to you to sniff and smell. If she pulls back, don’t chase.

Soon you should start seeing the little bunny curiously looking around this new world, coming up to you to nudge your hand for a treat, and in time chilling on your lap while you gently pet them.  Rabbits are great pets, but they are not a puppy. They love to get attention, are curious about their surroundings and are very outgoing when they feel safe.  Enjoy your new bunny, let them get used to their new home and people and they will love and adore you!


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