Sales and Conditions


Rheaume’s Rabbitry is a closed rabbitry to prevent illness or upsetting the rabbits from multiple visitors. Due to this, most pick up times will be scheduled Mon-Friday in the evenings or on weekends at 1225 Courthouse Rd, Stafford VA.  This location is the local Sheriffs Office and offers safe exchange parking for everyone’s safety. Occasionally I can meet on the way to an event, show or if my family is traveling that direction.  Please realize we spend 1-2 hours a day and then more hours on the weekend taking care of our animals so time traveling is time we are not able to clean cages, play with them, or do our normal household chores.

Pet vs. Show:

All of my rabbits sold under 16 weeks of age are sold as pets only unless specified.  Even as a breeder one can not guarantee the showability of a rabbit at 8 weeks.  At 8 weeks I go through my kits and separate out ones I think may be show quality and hold onto them for growing out and judging.  The rest, though cute, go to great pet homes.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All rabbits require 50% non-refundable deposit to hold. Deposit must be paid within 24 hours of receipt of invoice or rabbit becomes available for purchase again.
  • Cash or paypal accepted.  If paying total amount via paypal, a $3 fee is added to cover paypal fees.  (Does not apply to deposit only).
  • All rabbits come with transitional feed and a care sheet
  • Pets come with a birth certificate. Gender can not be guaranteed under 16 weeks of age. We are fairly accurate but occasionally they are underdeveloped at that age and can fool even the best breeders.
  • Only show or brood will come with Pedigree unless bought from other breeder with a pedigree in which case they will come with original.
  • Rheaume’s rabbitry reserves the right to cancel a sale at any time. All deposits will be returned if sale is canceled by the rabbitry.
  • If the rabbit is injured or dies in sellers care, deposit will be returned or can be transferred to another rabbit.
  • Rheaume’s rabbitry will hold a rabbit until the agreed upon pickup date.  If buyer re-schedules to a later date, a fee of $2/day per rabbit will be added for boarding.  It is at the sellers discretion to waive this fee.  Any rabbit left for more than 10 days past agreed upon pickup date will be considered abandoned by the buyer and offered up for sale.  The deposit will be forfeited for room and board costs to cover the additional time to re-home the bunny.
  • Rabbits are guaranteed free of disease at the time of sale and to the best of our knowledge in good health.  Should a rabbit become ill or die within the care of new owner within 72 hours Rheaume’s rabbitry may choose at its discretion to offer a replacement or refund with proof of illness or death from a licensed veterinarian with cause of death listed. Proof of death is required.
  • Rheaume’s rabbitry can not take back a rabbit after sale. We run a closed rabbitry and have limited quarantine facilities.  Any rabbit coming into our rabbitry must be quarantined for 3-4 weeks and therefore it is not feasible to take back rabbits after owners change their mind.  We will gladly assist in rehoming or offering solutions to make sure the rabbit finds a new home.