Color Examples

Here are some of my examples of the colors of Holland Lops.  I do not have pictures of all the colors, but all photos are from my own stock.

Blue Eyed White
Blue Tort
Vienna carrier Magpie (dilute harlequin)



Chestnut with Vienna Markings (normally no white or blue eyes) – Un-showable due to VM.


RR 37 Buck
RR 31 Buck
VC Buck
Black Tort


RR 29 Doe
Silver Martin – lacks tan in white
RR 28 Buck
Black Otter – Notice the tan in with white
VM tort next to a VM orange


2 Chestnut VMs and a Magpie at a few days old

2 thoughts on “Color Examples

    1. Yes, that would be a Vienna marked kit. We do not have any at the moment, but we have over 20 kits in the nest box with more due so we will deffinitly have some blue eyed babies in different colors this next month through early summer.


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