Grow Outs – Watch them Grow



I’m going to use this page to watch some of my juniors grow.  Not all will make the final cut, but lets see how they turn out!

Rheaume’s Grizzly out of Sea Breeze Ricochet and Roselines Danny DOB:  5/20/18 shown at 4.5 months old. Got 2nd of 8 solid juniors in show B at Blacksburg, VA 9/29/18. Side by side, he is close to his brother Timber, but lacks the width Timber has.  This may fill in with time. Update:  He beat out his brother at the 4H Stafford Fair for best junior buck (combined the solid and brokens at the show).

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Rheaume’s Timber DOB: 5/20/18 shown at 4.5 months old.  Won first leg in solid junior class youth show Blacksburg, VA 9/29/18.  Poor pictures, but he is wider and overall better then his brother, the photogenic Grizzly above

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Below are Rheaume’s Annabeth and Grover out or Roseline’s Danny and Rheaume’s Athena breeding:

Top is a Buck, bottom a Doe.  Seasan plans on showing the doe in November 2018.  The Buck she is still up in the air on.


Got the teenage gangly going on here.  Lets see how they turn out by mid-November. (Picture is from mid October 2018) Top is Doe, bottom Buck.


Rheaume’s Sahara is out of Roselines Sari and Roselines Aslan. She is almost 5 months in the center photo.

Rheaume’s Icelyn is out of Beccas Bunny Ashland and Misty’s Blue Flash. Most recent pic of her (orange flooring) is at just over 4 months of age.


Speckles is a VM tort out of ANR Pandora and Misty’s Blue Flash.  She was a singleton, but I am loving her!  I may had to do this breeding again.

This is a 7 week old doe from Speckles and Roslines Aslan. Yup…that’s her mom above her! You can see the head and body mass improvement with this next generation.

And well…that doe Lucy…she became Lucifer.  Here “he” is at 6 months:

And above is 9 months.



This is a 7 week old doe out of Rheaume’s Sahara and Roseline’s Danny.


And here she is at 6 Months:




Here is the doe above’s brother at 7 weeks old from Sahara and Roseline’s Danny.  I love his side profile, but will have to see how his head and ears come in over the next few weeks.  Still has ear control and both of them have slightly longer ears.  Their sister that I rehomed had perfect short ears but lacked the bone and mass I wanted to see.

And here he is at 6 months:






Cute Little 4 week old I am eyeballing for grow out from Bodie and Flash.  Tort VC.

And here he is at 6 months old:  Turned out longer in body and not the head I wanted.  He’s got the bone of a champ though.  So much thickness to it!